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Protecting From Abuse

by Randall J. Ryder February 15, 2016

FACT SHEET Adult Protective Services (APS) WHAT IS APS? Adult Protective Services (APS) programs promote the safety, independence, and quality-of-life for vulnerable adults who are, or are in danger of, being abused, neglected by self or others, or financially exploited, and who are unable to protect themselves. APS is a social service program authorized by […]

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Urinary Incontinence

by Randall J. Ryder February 11, 2016

Incontinence, or the inability to control one’s bladder, is somewhat common among older adults who have weak bladder muscles and among those with certain physical ailments. It can be an embarrasing and frustrating experience to be unable to control the flow of urine but there are exercises and medication that can help one control the […]

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Balance and the Elderly

by Randall J. Ryder February 10, 2016

Maintaining one’s balance is more than a matter of being steady on one’s feet. Maintaining one’s balance is a key element to maintaining one’s mobility and their independence. While balance can decline with age, it can also be improved through the proper exercises or through consultation with a physical therapist. Here is some information from […]

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Vision Loss

by Randall J. Ryder February 8, 2016

More than 3.4 million (3%) Americans aged 40 years and older are either legally blind (having visual acuity [VA] of 20/200 or worse or a visual field of less than 20 degrees) or are visually impaired (having VA of 20/40 or less) (Eye Diseases Prevalence Research Group, 2004). The Federal Interagency Forum on Aging Related […]

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Keeping Mom and Dad at Home

by Randall J. Ryder January 28, 2016

The stairs are getting so hard to climb.” “Since my wife died, I just open a can of soup for dinner.” “I’ve lived here 40 years. No other place will seem like home.” These are common issues for older people. And, you may share the often-heard wish—“I want to stay in my own home!” The […]

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About Long Term Care Ombudsmen Programs

by Randall J. Ryder January 26, 2016

The Purpose of the Program and How It Works Long-Term Care Ombudsmen are advocates for residents of nursing homes, board and care homes, assisted living facilities and similar adult care facilities. They work to resolve problems of individual residents and to bring about changes at the local, state and national levels that will improve residents’ […]

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Falls Can Have Serious Implications to an Elderly Person’s Health

by Randall J. Ryder January 22, 2016

Each year, millions of older people—those 65 and older—fall. In fact, one out of three older people falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor. Falling once doubles your chances of falling again. Falls Are Serious and Costly One out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a […]

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What Disorders Contribute to Dementia?

by Randall J. Ryder January 19, 2016

The Basics of Dementia Dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning, which means the loss of the ability to think, remember, or reason, as well as behavioral abilities, to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s daily life and activities. Signs and symptoms of dementia result when once-healthy neurons (nerve cells) in the […]

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