You CAN Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

There is no doubt that if you have a chronic medical condition you are struggling with  the high cost of prescription drugs. Over the past decade, prescription drug costs have risen more than any other health care cost on a percentage basis. Certainly, not all prescription drugs are costly. For example diuretics, used to control blood pressure, are 6-10 cents a day. On the other hand, if you take Lipitor, you may be paying as much as $6.00 a day. Unfortunately, many elder adults are not familiar with a wide range of programs and discounts that can significantly lower your annual costs. Many of these programs have income limits, but others are open to most individuals. We have provided a rather lengthy description and links to these prescription drug cost reduction programs within this site. But given the importance of this information, here is a general overview of some of the programs that are available.

Programs Offered by Pharmaceutical Industry

Many individual drug companies offer free or discounted drugs. These programs vary among the companies, but generally they require that you have no prescription drug coverage and that you have limited income. In addition, most provide the drug for a limited period of time and require that you make an application directly with the company. If you qualify, your drugs are sent to your doctor. To see if you would qualify for any of these programs you can see a listing of pharmaceutical companies and the programs they offer at Needy Meds, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to lower income families and individuals in need of prescription drugs.

Discount Drug Cards

Discount drug cards offer discounts on various medical services including medicine. They are not a form of insurance. Some are free while others may involve a hefty fee. They are offered by state governments, drug companies, non-profit and for-profit businesses. Here are some of the options you have for obtaining drug cards.

The NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card

NeedyMeds ( a non-profit organization) offers a drug discount card that provides a savings up to 80% on many medicines. The card is free and open to everyone. There is no registration and your entire family can use the same card. To download a card and learn more about its benefits click HERE.

The Together Rx Access® Program
This program was established by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies to provide savings on prescription products at neighborhood pharmacies.
Individuals may be eligible for the Together Rx Access Card if they do not qualify for Medicare, do not have public or private prescription drug coverage, and have a household income of up to $45,000 for a single person or $90,000 for a family of four (income eligibility is adjusted for family size). Most cardholders save 25 to 40 percent* on brand-name prescription products. More than 300 brand-name prescription products are included in the Program. An on-line application is available.
Drug Company Cards for Medicare Part D EnrolleesAZ & Me Prescription Savings Program for People with Medicare Part D 
This card for AstraZeneca drugs is for Medicare Part D recipients.
GSK Access 
This card that provides GlaxoSmithKline medicines for patients on Medicare Part D who have spent $600. Their program can be viewed here.

State Drug Card Programs

Many states offer drug cards for low-income residents. To see what is avaiable in your state, click here.



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